Our design process is simple and to the point.

The design process involves a series of logical steps and decisions. Unlike problem-solving in other fields of study (in which absolute, or right answers can found) in a design process there are multiple solutions to a problem and that can be challenging some times.

The best designs optimize desired qualities within the given constraints. (such as safety, reliability, efficiency, aesthetics, user-friendliness, environmental issues, costs, etc.)

We follow a four-step process that guarantees effective design and project communication: consult, define, design and implement. First, we inquire about the client’s ideas and wishes. Then we assess the obtained information, do research and define the scope of work. Based on that, we develop design concepts and present these to the client. Once we agree on the final design, we realize your print work, website, exhibition stand or other design-deliverables.

Consult: Prepare the design brief

Most of the projects, start with client communication. Here we meet and get to talk about your ideas, suggestions, wishes, and vision about your business. I ask, ask and ask. To make this process efficient, I have developed a few questionnaires to be downloaded. We plan and establish goals for the design project.

Define: Identify criteria and constraints.

At this stage, I research and study your field, existing market, similar case studies, competitors, materials and medium options, etc. Based on gathered data, criteria is identified and constraints are specified. The scope of work and the possible directions to design solutions is clear and initial concept sketching starts.

Design: Brainstorm, Ideas, Design solutions

The creative concepts are developed through the brainstorm and based on the information and clues gathered. Rough ideas are shortlisted and given shapes. Sometimes it takes a second to come up with an idea and sometimes it is a days and nights struggle.  I send you a design concept with notes about the design idea for your feedback. Revisions and refinements are done if needed. And we have a finalized concept in our hands.

Implement: Check, Execute and Feedback

The design concept becomes a reality. The final files are prepared after approval from you and sent for production. I assist during the production if needed. We check, test and make sure that everything goes smoothly.

After completion of each project, not only the end result but the process is also very important for me. Each time there are lessons to learn and tips to follow. I ask for your feedback as it is valuable for me and the project is concluded.

Need to know more?

If you would like to know more or would like to request a quote for your project, you can call me or email me and you will hear from me.

A good design brief is a good beginning!

I start each logo and website development projects by asking a few basic questions to the clients. It helps me to know my clients and projects better. For that, I have developed questionnaire to be downloaded and filled up.

You can have a look at Logos work done till now.

I have heard from many of my clients that the questionnaire not only helps the creative process but also to know more about their own business goals.

Download Logo development questionnaire

Download Website development questionnaire

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