Manager’s, Mantra’s en Mythen

Managers, Mantra’s en Mythen is a full colour 180 page book. De design follows the content: The articles were categorised with the help of colour coding, quotes, imageries and illustrations, making it easy and enjoyable reading experience.

The graphic design of the book is based on the Vitalent growthmodel. Entrepreneurship as yellow, Personal development section in green, Structure in blue and influence in colour red. And these four sections are further strengthened by sections in Leadership in orange and Vision in Purple.

The book is a graphical representation of management model and has been received with great interest.


The design process followed by Rupal is almost similar in each project, but each time the end result is completely different and unique. They are creative and functional and at the same time the clients can recognize themselves with.

Matthijs Vermoolen


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